NEW! We’ve just launched Pop-Up Pilates: a series of face-to-face classes in select locations! 

Current location:

Masons Lane, Bacchus Marsh, VIC

Using your own body weight and gravity for resistance, flow matwork Pilates is a flowing and continuous practice. By Allowing your body to move in all directions, this full-body workout aligns the body and mind.


This class is perfect for all levels from those who have done Pilates before to complete beginners.

Your instructor will give variations for movements to allow for all levels. 

All levels welcome

This style of Pilates is perfect for beginners.


Your instructor will give you plenty of options for intensity and flexibility. 



Pregnancy & Postpartum Friendly

Please always advise your instructor if you are pregnant or postpartum. 

There are a few modifications that you will be given throughout the class.

Pregnancy & Post Partum friendly

How to join:

Create your own profile

Click here to create your own profile. This is where you will be able to see all of your upcoming & past bookings.

Visit our Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool

Click here to fill out the Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool. Every new Pilates client must do this prior to their first class. If you answer Yes to any of the questions, we will give you a call to dicuss.

Check out Pilates Timetable

Pilates Timetable Here you can view all class times, including online & pop-up Pilates classes. You will be able to chooce to pay for casual classes, purchase a bulk package or sign up with a plan.

What you need before class

Please bring your own Pilates mat to the Pop-up Pilates classes. Some people like to bring two. If you are over 16 weeks pregnant please bring a bolster or two pillows. Any one over 16 weeks pregnant cannot lay directly on their back during exercise. For this reason, bring a couple of pillows or yoga bolster is perfect to place behind you when we are doing exercises on our backs.

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Current Location:

Masons Lane,

Bacchus Marsh 

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