Online Naturopathy Support

Our online 6-month Wholebody Reset has been designed to allow more time to discuss your health concerns with your qualified Naturopath, Tegan.

Healing can take time, introducing new practices into our lives can also take time. If you’ve been dealing with a health issue for months or even years, getting back to your optimal health does not happen overnight. For these reasons, we have developed 6-month WholeBody Healing pack. 

What you get:

  • Initial 60 - 90 minute consultation with individualised treatment plan

  • Monthly 30 - 45 minute check-in consultations with individualised treatment plan adjustments

  • Unlimited access to all online Pilates classes

  • Messaging support

  • Monthly webinars

  • 30% off retail price on practitioner products

Key Conditions / Topics:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (constipation, diarrhea or both)

  • Digestive complaints (including bloating, gas and ingestion)

  • SIBO interventions & testing 

  • Allergies (including skin irritation, hay-fever)

  • Ongoing immune complaints (including recurrent infections, colds, cases of flu)

  • Mental health concerns (including high stress, anxiety, depression)

  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping


What is the first step? Book a free information & discovery call

I always recommend booking a free information & discovery call prior to signing up. I want to make sure I am the right Naturopath for you & for you to have a full understanding of what the next 6 months will involve. Book a discovary call here

I'm not sure I am ready for the 6 month program, do you do other types of consults?

Yes I do. I do acute consultations when needed. Send me an email for more info

I am interested in the 6 month Wholebody program but are there any extra fees involved?

I want to be an upfront as possible with extra costs involved as there will often be extra costs like supplements & testing (if needed). Pracitioner Supplements: After the consultation, you will receive an email with your login details and access to your prescription. You will then be able to order the products online, arriving as early as the next business day to your doorstep. Every client's case is treated individually and as such, prescriptions can differ. We will always do our best to work within your budget, but a prescription can range anywhere between $0 - $300. A precription/treatment plan will detail dietary, lifestyle & supplemental recommendations. Remember you will get a 30% discount at the checkout for all of your pracitioner supplements. Pathology Testing: Sometimes we need to order pathology testing which will come at an extra expense. For the most part, I try to work with your GP, but at times I will need to order private pathology testing.


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Naturopathy Pricing

Our online Naturopathy Consultations are designed to fully understand and support your health and wellness. 

Any questions? Contact us and we’ll see how we can help!

6-Month WholeBoody Program



inc gST


Payment plans also are available on a weekly or monthly basis 

Monthly Payments 

6 x monthly payments $667 inc GST

Weekly Payments 

​​​1 x upfront payment of $699 inc GST


20 x weekly payments of $180 inc GST