Online Pilates

Using your own body weight and gravity for resistance, flow matwork Pilates is a flowing and continuous practice. By Allowing your body to move in all directions, this full-body workout aligns the body and mind.


Wellbeing Pilates

Incorporating both strengthening and stretch in a flow style of Pilates. This class is perfect for beginners, but also amazing for anyone just wanting to move their bodies and improve their strength. 

This classes are pregnancy and postpartum friendly. 

Big Burn Pilates

Big Burn Pilates is for those who have done Pilates before and want to work up a sweat and burn! 

Using your body weight (and sometimes props from around the home eg. cans of beans), this class is higher intensity, whilst still using flowing movements. 

Stretch Pilates

Stretch Pilates is all about bringing your mind into the present movement through stretching the body.

Incorporating mindfulness and meditation, this is a great class to unwind, leaving your body and mind relaxed and at ease.


NEW! We’ve just launched Pop-Up Pilates: a series of face-to-face classes in select locations! Learn More

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How online classes work

Your instructor will always be online 15 minutes before class starts. Please jump onto Zoom early if you’d like chat or mention any concerns. 


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