Movement for the whole body. Mat work Pilates classes designed to be always in flow, moving through each exercise always being in motion. Join our online classes and practice this beautiful form of exercise from your own home. 

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Pilates Matwork Online

Join us live on the mat from your own lounge room! 



Using your own body weight and gravity for resistance, flow matwork is flowing and continuous. Allowing your body to move in all directions, a full-body workout aligning the body and mind. 



$15 per Virtual Class (viz Zoom)

$25 per Week, Unlimited Virtual Classes. 



Please make sure you fill out the ADULT PRE-EXERCISE SCREENING TOOL  before your first class with me. 

What you need 

All classes you will need:

  • Yourself 

  • A Mat or soft surface

  • An internet connection & screen (computer, laptop, iPad or phone). 

  • Free Zoom account https://www.zoom.us/ (sign up here) 

Some classes you will need (your instructor will let you know when you need these):

  • Some weights or cans (straight out of the cupboard) 

  • A rolled-up towel 

  • A block or book you don't mind standing on

How it works 

Once you book a class time, you will receive an email with your Zoom link. Your instructor will always be online 15 minutes before class starts so you're welcome to jump on for a chat or mention any concerns. 

Alternatively, if you sign in (top right corner) you will see all your bookings with the Zoom links all in the one area (much easier than looking through your emails for the current Zoom link). 

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