New Client Agreement

I agree to the following conditions:

  • The information I have provided/will provide via questionnaires, zoom, phone, email, in-person, or by any other means of communication is accurate & correct to the best of my knowledge.

  • The recommendations I will receive from my Naturopathic practitioner are not a substitute for medical advice from a qualified doctor.

  • The advice I will receive from my Naturopathic practitioner is personal and applies to me only. 

  • I must communicate with my Naturopathic practitioner any changes in my medical conditions, medical prescriptions or treatments for the duration of my plan.- I understand that I should communicate any natural herbs, supplement, dietary and lifestyle changes to my GP and other health professionals I see, as to avoid the possibility of interactions. 

  • I must inform my Naturopathic practitioner promptly if any of my new changes in diet or lifestyle start to cause me adverse effects.

  • I understand that the advice I will receive will not be enough to achieve my health goals unless I follow it and commit to it fully.

  • I understand any changes in my diet and lifestyle may produce gradual and not instantaneous effects in my body, energy, health, and condition. 

  • I understand that, although my practitioner will endeavour to help me achieve my nutrition and lifestyle goals to the extent possible, however, the possibility exists I may not fully attain my goals due to outside factors that my practitioner cannot control.